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What is Schmidt's & Jiggle's?
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Schmidt's & Jiggle's is a traveling mobile take-out restaurant serving a high quality, from-scratch menu that changes from week to week! Feel free to check out our menu section. We serve a variety of these items each week - keep track of our social media for daily menu details! We set up for street service throughout the week and are available for private booking as well (teacher appreciation, conventions, weddings, parties, etc)

Weekly Schedule

SCHEDULED in cities and towns across Mississippi!


Check our schedule of events and street service locations at:

Street Food Finder - Schmidt's and Jiggle's




We are an award-winning food trailer in Mississippi running full-time service primarily in Central MS. Schmidt's & Jiggle's serves an array of cultural dishes from around the world. We are proud to offer catering as well for all of your tailgating and party planning needs!

 Who we  are: 


Interested in Our Catering Services? 

Catering is available in a variety of ways. We can be on-site with our food trailer, or we can deliver the food for your set-up. Send us some information about the size of your party, type of event, and what you're interested in doing. We will gladly work with you on creating a one-of-a-kind experience with Schmidt's & Jiggle's!

Contact us via email:

Contact us via phone/text:  662-744-4740